A Home for all your Brands Marketing and Sales Resources

Content all over the place? Learn how to unify all your content silos in enablement hubs for customers and teams. 

An Intuitive Way for Revenue Teams to Find What They Need, When They Need It

Your team wastes dozens of hours a week searching for resources. StoryScale makes it easy to find and activate content from a user-friendly, single source of truth.

Quickly browse content using metadata filters, search, or keep a list of your favorites for quick access. Because all your team’s content in is one hub, it only takes seconds to find the resources you need.

Share your Brand’s Stories

Simplify content distribution by sharing a single asset, or get prescriptive with a sequences of assets. You can share via a link, email, embed on posts and pages, or deliver dynamically on websites.

With StoryScale you can instantly activate content on any channel.

End the Content Chaos

Keep all of our versions up-to-date, permission access, and see where your content is being used across all channels. StoryScale simplifies content access for front-line marketers and sellers.

Launch a Zero Silo Content Strategy

Great customer journeys are not built on silos. But for most revenue teams, content is everywhere. Stored in blogs, shared drives, DAMs, and CMS’, or buried in inboxes. It’s why about 80% of the content in organizations goes unused.

StoryScale connects all your content, wherever it lives or originates. Manage eBooks, presentations, docs, videos, web content and blog posts. Find and activate everything from one place.

Say goodbye to silos and hello to connected selling.

Key Features

Mass Upload

Aggregate content quickly. You can bring in multiple resources at once using drag-and-drop, browse, or by URL. 

Metadata and Taxonomy

Tag your content with custom metadata. Organize content by use case, buying stage, campaign, type, or any terms you use to make content easy to find. 

Content Search

StoryScale Search helps you find content in seconds. Search across your resources, as well as experiences and sequences. 

Update Resources

When a new version of your resources is available, simply update the location. You can keep all your metadata, sequences, and experiences.

Smart Filters

Uses Smart Filters to apply advanced facets that quickly narrow your content lists and views to the select resources you need.  


Keep your top performing resources a single click away. Favorites give each user a shortcut to the resources they love to use and share. 

Automatic Thumbnails

Merchandise your content with resource thumbnails. StoryScale automatically creates a thumbnail image on upload or your can add custom images to any asset. 

Reading Time

Give users insight into the depth of your content. Reading time is automatically calculated for every asset based the number of words, characters, and images.  

Bulk Actions

Tag, download, and share your resources en masse. You can select multiple resources and apply any action. Manage hundreds of assets as easy as one. 

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