Ignite Product-led Growth with Interactive Demos 

With StoryScale your app instantly becomes a self-running, powerful sales experience that can be customized, personalized, and shared with customers anywhere.

Make Your Product Your #1 Marketing Resource

Produce focused, interactive demos that perform flawlessly.

StoryScale turns your product screens into interactive customer experiences you can launch on your website or use for outbound marketing. Now you can tell your product story without the complexity and risk of a live product environment.



Shift Sales Engineering Costs to Marketing Opportunity

With StoryScale anyone on your team can produce pixel-perfect product tours and demos with zero code.

Now every seller can deliver a personalized sales approach without the backlog and cost of developing custom proof of concepts and sandboxes.

How It Works: Four Easy Steps from Idea to Interaction

Capture your screens with our pixel-perfect Chrome extension

Customize Data and Views with our on-screen visual editor and power tools

Add Guides. Media, and CTAs to showcase “Aha Moments”

Launch websites and outbound programs for Product-led Growth

Capture your screens with our
pixel-perfect Chrome extension
Customize Data and Views with our
on-screen visual editor and power tools
Add Guides. Media, and CTAs to
showcase “Aha Moments”

Launch on websites and outbound programs for Product-led Growth

Get Product-Qualified Leads that are Sales-Ready

StoryScale Smart CTAs trigger lead forms inside your tour experience. Flip your funnel by showing products first, then asking for form fills. Conversion rates will increase and customers will be happier. 

When buyers start with self-driven product demos, you make more shortlists, have faster cycles, and fill pipelines with sales-ready opportunities.

Import Your Product Screens in Minutes

Unlike other demo creation platforms that use screenshots to build tours, StoryScale imports your live product screens.

Building tours with our no-code designer lets you easily customize each screen with anonymous user data, add real clicks and interactions, and personalize content.

Your demos will feel real because they are real.


Key Features


Create a pixel-perfect snapshot of your software screens using StoryScale Capture. Simply browse to your screen, click the capture button, and your screens are instantly added to your tour.

Visual Editing

Customize screen views with simple visual editing. Change text, images, update data and tables, and remove artifacts and sensitive customer data. Now it’s easy to create the perfect view to tell your product story.

In-App Guides

Guides and CTAs turn your product into an interactive sales experience. Walk users through key features, showcase capabilities, and deliver aha moments every time.


Create an interactive timeline for your product tour using drag-and-drop. Storyboards organize tours by Screens and Interactions and let you easily customize flows, messaging, and actions.

Product Demo Analytics

StoryScale Insights measures every moment. Go beyond web analytics to get a clear view on tour usage, consumption, and conversion. Use insights to optimize your tour for maximum ROI.

Alerts and Notification

Timing is everything. Set notifications whenever a prospect views a tour, if they binge on multiple tours and content, or when they convert on a CTA.

StoryScale API

The StoryScale platform is built on a robust
public API. Export data, build custom
experiences, and connect your full stack
using a powerful REST API.

Lead Capture

Engage buyers at the moment of deepest
intent, evaluating your product. Forms work with leading MAPS such as Marketo, HubSpot, and Salesforce to get product-qualified leads directly into your pipeline.

Personalize with Variables

Create tours with impact, relevance, and
context. Dynamic variables personalize
on-screen text to align your tour with target
accounts, verticals, and use cases.

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