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Then Just $495 /mo.




500 Demo Sessions /mo.


3 Users



Up to 10 Interactive Screens


Up to 3 Live Product Tours



Bingeable Content Viewer


Up to 25 Content Resources


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Make product-led growth and experiences a cornerstone of your marketing and sales



Unlimited Demo Sessions /mo.


Unlimited Users



Unlimited Screens


Unlimited Live Tours


Everything in Launch, Plus…


Customer Success Manager


Custom Onboarding

Sell Software Smarter. Sell with Experience.

Every plan includes all these power features to help you sell more.

Interactive Product Tours

Create, personalize, publish, and share product tours and demos for your website, sales team, and channel.

Live Capture

Capture pixel-perfect imports for all your software screens and digital products.

Insights with Impact

Demo and content analytics that deliver performance, consumption, and intent signals anyone can understand.

Bingeable Content Experiences

Prescriptive, silo-free selling. Share eBooks, blogs, and videos with our bingeable content experiences. 

Unified Content Hubs

All your top marketing resources in one place. Enable teams to find, share, and active content anywhere.

Instant Alerts and Notifications

Timing is everything. Send instant notifications on demo and experiences views, lead conversions, and goals.

Frequently Asked Questions

Does StoryScale offer product and content experience?

Yes, StoryScale helps software companies provide better customer buying experiences. We have a full demo creation platform for interactive product tours. And we provide content enablement hubs and experiences for marketing resources. StoryScale is modular, so you can just use what you need and grow with the platform.  

What’s a Demo Session?

StoryScale has a tiered usage pricing model based on the number of times a tour or experience is viewed. This is the fairest way to price the software and ensure that every customer gets full value. A Demo Session is when an active demo or content experience is viewed online and the user interacts with it. If you publish a product tour on your website and 50 people click on the tour to see the demo, you will use 50 experience views. If you send a link to a product tour to a prospective customer and they click the link to view it, that is one view. Your Sessions allocation renews at the beginning of the month and expires at the end of the month. With the Launch plan, you get 500 demo sessions per month. Enterprise plans have custom tiers. If you think you will be delivering super-high volumes, talk to us. We’re here to help.

What if I go over my Experience Views quota?

No biggie.  We will not shut your interactive demos down or charge you for the first month’s overage. But we will contact you and help you upgrade your tier. Here’s the thing though – think about how much money you spend to generate sales demos. Software companies spend hundreds of dollars if not thousands of dollars to schedule a single sales demo. With StoryScale you can deliver 500 demos for less than a dollar per demo. Exceeding your views quotas is great news!

Does StoryScale require a Credit Card to get started?

Nope. Just sign-up and get started. We will even help you with the setup if you need it. With the launch plan you get two months free. Then if you want to keep using it, you can convert to paid. Our Enterprise plans have free trials, and it’s risk – and hassle-free.

$495. Why so cheap?

Not cheap, affordable. There’s a difference. We believe every software company should be able to sell how people want to buy. Our Launch plan and tiered usage pricing mean you can immediately get value. Some vendors have free tiers, but the usage limits are so low they are unusable. We wanted to offer a place to start that has real value and utility. And we are 100% confident that once you see the results you’ll want to upgrade. The way we have built the platform everyone from seed start-ups to large enterprises can use the same powerful features and strategies. Product-led Growth is our DNA.

What’s a Screen?

Good question. Unlike other demo creation platforms that use product screenshots, StoryScale captures your live product screens. It imports the code fully separated from the backend app. It’s kind of magical. Working on top of a live screen imports lets you customize and personalize your demos. Each tier in our pricing supports a maximum number of screens.

Will StoryScale integrate with my other software platforms?

Sure thing. It takes a village to create a successful go-to-market program. StoryScale has built-in integration with Google Tag Manager, so you can load all of your approved tracking codes and scripts. It also integrates with many of your favorite marketing tools. And for Enterprise users, there is an API for deeper integration.

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