Customer Support
and Training

Product tutorials for self-service success.
Eliminate silos to boost content discovery.

Product Experiences to Inspire a New
Approach to Self-Service

There is no substitute for experience. Show your customers how to resolve issues and achieve goals using interactive product tutorials.

Show Customers How to Use Your Products

Seeing is more than believing. It’s knowing. how to adopt software and resolve issues independently. Show your customers how to resolve issues before they happen.

Go Micro for Maximum Success

Unlike monolithic in-product adoptions tools, Tours can be scoped to a single issue and deliver more aha-impact than reams of documentation.

Scale Up Support

Self-service is the key to delivering great customer support at scale. Build interactive product tutorials that support, train, and eliminate user error and confusion.

Your Next Training Artifact is Refreshingly Modern

Build your next training tutorial on top of your live product. Capture screens, add guides and hotspots and empower self-paced product tours and tutorials. See for yourself. StoryScale has free trials and does not require a credit card to sign-up.

One Hub for All Product Content. It’s Time
for Silo-Free Success

For many organizations, customer content is scattered and siloed, resulting in disconnected customer experiences and frustration. Unified content means happy customers. Hello NPS.

Group your content by topic, not format

You have dozens of sources of support content but only one customer experience. Bring all your assets together in one hub, regardless of whether it’s web content, posts, pdfs, videos, or other assets.

Use AI to Guide Success

StoryAI recommends content based on similarity scores and user engagement, optimizing success paths and content discovery.

Everything in One Frame - Even PDFs

Content experiences deliver all your resources, without requiring downloads or offline viewing.

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