Turn Content into Pipeline with Interactive Experiences

All your top-performing content in one bingeable experience. Optimized with AI.

Build Better Buying Experiences

Give your buyers a dramatically better way to view your resources, while helping you improve conversion rates, shorten your sales cycle, engage more target accounts, and ultimately accelerate revenue.

That’s a win-win. Because when you create a better content experience – you’ll actually see higher engagement from your buyers.

Launch the Perfect Experience for Every Customer Touchpoint

StoryScale offers a quiver of experience types you can add anywhere your customers click.

Content viewers are bingeable and easy to share on websites, email, bots, and other channels. Spotlights showcase content and media. Hubs organize all your resources into one channel. Badges and Recommends promote content.

Use StoryScale to orchestrate your perfect funnel.

The guide to content-aligned buyers journeys

Introduction to Journey-Aligned Content Strategy

Help customers choose your category and product. Journey-aligned content helps your buyers do their buying jobs at every stage.

Engage Visitors through the Power of Personalization

Target experiences at specific accounts or use triggers to launch on sites dynamically. You can even create custom text and messages to create 1:1 connections with prospects.

If you believe the key to marketing success is deeper customer engagement, StoryScale experiences and AI will 10x your content performance. 


Shorten Your Sales Cycle with Bingeable Content

Most B2B buyers look at over seven content resources before making a purchase decision. Buyers are in control and want to research before speaking with your sales team.

StoryScale’s bingeable content experiences help buyers make faster evaluations. Remove the friction from your content to deliver a better digital selling experience.

Key Features

Online Content Viewers

Deliver PDFs, videos, and web content in a single frame. Maximize consumption and deeply engage buyers. 

Dynamic Website Delivery

StoryScale can run over the top (OTT) on your website, dynamically displaying experiences based on triggers and events such as exit intent, page load, or duration. 

Omnichannel Content Delivery 

Launch the viewer on websites, embed on posts or pages, or share via email, chatbots, SMS, and other channels.

CTAs and Lead Capture

Use progressive engagement to flip your funnel. Let customers view content first, then fire paywalls and CTAs so they can opt-in to view the full resource. 

Infinity Scroll

Just like your favorite streaming service, StoryScale automatically loads the next content resource. Optimize consumption with never ending content.  


Easily build prescriptive content sequences that link resources into micro-journeys. Organize sequences by product, topic, buying stage and other facets to help customers make informed decisions.

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