Get Insight into the Content Your Customers Crave

Finally, you can measure content performance across your entire buying cycle and channels. StoryScale Insights provides the content analytics your team needs to succeed.

Insights to Measure Content Performance

See beyond content views and measure true content consumption. Easily see what content and experiences are performing best.

StoryScale tracks engagement on every resource and screen in your experiences. See when people binge on resources, advance in tours, and convert on CTAs. 

Say goodbye to blackhole analytics, and hello to content performance insights.

The AI and ML Engine Designed for Content Engagement

It’s like having a personal guide for your content experience. StoryAI uses co-sign similarity and collaborative filtering to recommend best fit related resources. Machine learning tracks performance to optimize recommendations.

The Essential Guide to Content Analytics

Do you know how your content is performing? To measure the true reach and engagement you need content analytics.

The Only True Measure of Intent

Real buying intent can only be measured on your owned experiences. And it takes the right insights to see who is engaged, bingeing, and ready to take the next step.

StoryScale delivers the insight your team needs to see when accounts are in brand and product consideration.

Send Instant Notifications on Live KPIs

Timing is everything.

StoryScale Notifications alert you instantly when an account or prospect binges on your experience, convert on a CTA, and other KPIs.

You can also roll up weekly digests of your content performance to share with key stakeholders and team members.

Key Features

Measure User Flow 

Track how users progress between screens or resources. Optimize your flows based advancement rates to increase enagement.

Track Time on Experience

See how much time people spend on each tour or experience. StoryScale estimates reading time for resources so you can see how deeply people engage. 

Conversion Events

StoryScale integrates with your favorite marketing automation or forms systems. Conversions track each time a form is submitted on a tour or experience. 

StoryAI Recommend

StoryAI is a content recommendation engine that optimizes engagement by guiding people to content based on similarity models.  

Product Demo Analytics

StoryScale Insights measures every moment. Go beyond web analytics to get a clear view on tour usage, consumption, and conversion. Use insights to optimize your tour for maximum ROI.

Alerts and Notification

In Sales and Marketing, timing is everything. Set notifications whenever a prospect views a tour, if they binge on multiple tours and content, or when they convert on a CTA.

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